Jim escorts businesses of all sizes, solopreneurs to global corporations, out of the online darkness and into the light of a predictive way to engage the world.
Jim is the author of three Amazon bestselling books. 

For more than 25 years, people in more than 100 countries have benefitted from his generous and empowering spirit to transform their social media lives.
Jim is Six Sigma for 
social media. 

He is the only social media person endorsed by Dr. Mikel J. Harry, co-creator of Six Sigma, the premier system used by 87% of the Fortune 100 and 66% of Fortune 500 companies to accelerate profits.
Jim is companies. 

As a result of his social media methods, Jim elevated Zurvita by $70 million, 40,000+ brand advocates, and more than 120,000 customers in 16 months. Jim also served as an independent director and chair of the compensation committee for the publicly traded company, Toga Ltd.

Jim is small business. 

Jim's businesses, Summa Social, a company whose proprietary social media software increased a client’s sales by $2 million in 3 months, to Systematic Intelligence, a software company that acquired 1200 customers from social media, to Ojeez, a social media site that competed against Facebook and was nominated for the 2008 Emerging Technology List by Alwayson-Network.
Jim is a brand advocate. 

As a distributor for Legacy and ACN, during social media’s infancy, earned Jim prestigious coaching roles, profuse enrollment, and recruiter of the year awards.
Jim is a progressive in the direct-sales industry. 

As executive director and president of the Social Networking Association (formerly known as the 33-year MLMIA), Jim leads distributors, companies, and support companies into an innovative and refined future.
Jim is an insatiable learner. 

As social media changes, Jim’s pursuit of evolved theory and efficient practices deliver optimum strategy to users of his system. Most recently, Jim is on the cusp of disruptive innovation from Harvard Business School and Babson College online, the world’s leading entrepreneurial institution for higher learning.
Jim is endorsed. 

Those who climb aboard all the system has to offer will conquer your market. It's inevitable. The Predictive Social Media System is disruptive innovation. 
Sandra Harry
Chairman of the Six Sigma Management Institute
David Dillingham
Founder of NuCerity by Ariix, a $500 million direct sales company
Ben Berry
Modere Social Marketer
Jim is featured.

Vast and precise, innovative and actionable, Jim is 
your solution
Featured in Mary Christensen's Be A Network Marketing Leader book and Don Failla's 45-Second Presentation book.
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