A $2,000 Value
WHAT IF you knew with absolute certainty which social media motions, in order, for a specified duration, yielded maximum results for your business?

Two 45-minute (+ 15-minute optional networking boost time) sessions per week, for 4 weeks.

Morning and evening US time zone LIVE sessions, with identical content, recorded and available 24-7, ensure that no matter where you are in the WORLD, a session will comfortably fit into your schedule!

Begins July 6, 2021
Ends July 30, 2021

. . . you’ll experience this immersive, unprecedented in scope and depth, social media journey.

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  •  Guest speakers who have optimized Predictive Social Media
  • An immersive dive into each of the 7Cs
  • ​An insider’s look, shadowing Jim as he works his system
  • ​Workbook filled with tools to maximize the system
  • ​VIP access to a Facebook group with other ELITE students
  • ​Assignments to ensure concept retention
  • ​Relationship-building and core value exercises
  • ​Breakouts for small-group networking
JOIN our exclusive Facebook group with other ELITE students. Access LIVE and recorded classes, share insights, network, grow relationships, and practice concepts.
Experience 6 hours of dynamic content. Inside the live sessions, Jim takes your business to places unimagined. Inside the Facebook group, Jim’s team ensures you have the support you need to succeed.

You’ll learn . . .

Week 1

• The Predictive Social Media 7Cs Model Overview, with initial emphasis on Contribution

• How to break through personal and relationship barriers holding you back from success

• An immersive activity that connects your core values and authentic self to your business.

• Strategies to begin and grow social media relationships quickly.

Week 2

• In-depth with the Cs of Capabilities and Compliance

• Strategies on the most popular social media sites today by shadowing Jim as he demonstrates his techniques 

• What you should say (and avoid) on social media to keep your business clear of legal and regulatory issues.

Week 3

• In-depth with the Cs of Conversation and Community

• How to easily have 30 conversations per day about your business

• How communities have been able to grow to more than 400,000 members

Week 4

• In-depth with the Cs of Connection and Communication

• How to quickly reach out to 30 new people per day so that you never run out of people to talk to about your business.

• How to recognize the optimal time to bring up business in conversation

• Advice from Jim about how to move forward and create a heart-centered, relationship-first business
Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the last social media strategy you’ll 
ever need!
 A certificate of completion will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.



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